Portlethen Town Associaton

Portlethen Town Associaton

Is a fully constituted organization that has various aims for the town of Portlethen. It publishes the Clochandighter and the funds that are raised from this are used to purchase items for the town. Examples of which are the town Christmas Lights and Christmas Tree. We have also purchased a garage for the community to store other material. We also manage, and fund, the Portlethen Gala and also support other community groups.

The Portlethen Town Association Mission Statement:

The Portlethen Town Association short term goals are to create a sustainable and inclusive community group for those living and working in the town and surrounding areas, through actively supporting economic, recreational, and environmental initiatives.

Aims and Goals (Short, Medium, and Long):

The intention is for this to be achieved by:

Promoting and fostering a community spirit by communicating with and involving residents, and businesses, and private, public, and voluntary partners through:

o   Production and distribution of a newsletter

o   Development and maintenance of a community website

o   Organisation of community wide events

o   Management community facilities for the social and recreational benefit of the local community

o   Support of the social and recreational uses, or re-use, of open spaces

o   An increase of funding to allow the PTA to undertake this work.


Supporting the mid-term goals of economic initiatives through:

o   Helping residents to take up new training and new employment.

o   Encouraging new business start-ups.

o   Improving local conditions for local businesses to expand

o   Linking up with other local area partnerships and local government to fulfil these goals.


Continuing to develop the Portlethen Town Association and work towards a longer-term goal and a set of future requirements by:

o   Gaining information about the area’s resources and needs

o   Rousing the people to work for the welfare of the community.

o   Create sound ground for plans and action.

o   Creating a sense of cooperation integration and unity among the people.

o   Motivating the people to take better participation in the developing community programmes.

o   Highlighting the causes of various problems affecting the community.

o   Developing better understanding among the people about the issues and needs.

o   Developing democratic leadership among people, and better thinking, through their participation in community programs.

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