Fishermen have been casting their lines off the coast of the north east of Scotland for many centuries. However, the sea fishing industry that was undertaken from the harbour at Portlethen, which has left its mark on the coastline and once employed many folks, has declined as the small coves and harbours cannot handle the larger boats and the gear required for larger fishing boats.

As might be expected, with the coast being on our doorstep and there being a small harbour, a certain amount of fishing, mainly for crabs and lobsters, still goes on.

Only a few fishing boats are left at Portlethen, these being small white fishing boats and a few creel fishing boats.

There are plenty of popular fishing marks in the area, including the Ship’s Stern and Saltpan (more commonly known as the Bothy) immediately to the east of Portlethen Shore. Another mark which used to be quite popular with local villagers in the recent past is the Land Crag, a tidal promontory just east of the Saltpan and about two hundred yards south of the Ship’s Stern.